Alas he did shoot someone on 5th avenue, but he might not get away with it. Call michael smerconish in philadelphia it didn't have to end this way. He could have protected even polished his legacy, what is personality wouldn't allow that. The same makeup that draws the crowd fires up the bass gives him his populist appeal. Also has an underbelly of selfishness, and can see. And that's what we've seen exclusively for the past 2 months. Rig stolen those are the words most heard since november 3rd. In tandem with his contradictory request which is hey come participate in the georgia runoff. And all the while a pandemic raged. Imagine a different approach one more president trump accepted defeat when the race was called for biden. Reminded us that he was an underdog who got more votes than any in history other than the man who beat him. Attention spent not griping and golfing. But celebrating the record pace of vaccine development. Airport hangar photo-ops not with raucous crowds fueled by misinformation of a steel. But with hundreds of sleeves rolled up awaiting vaccination. Under president entertaining with stories of what a wild ride it's been while taking off accomplishments of the sort that would please his conservative base you do three justices on the supreme court. Hundreds more appointed to the federal bench ending the iran deal withdrawing from the paris accord. The usmca trade deal space force moving to jerusalem embassy. Tax cuts job growth. He could have laid a predicate to capitalize on whatever bumps are to come on the road for the new administration. And there will be bumps in the biden road there always are. Trump squandered all of that. First he cost himself a winnable election to invoke james carville. It was a virus stupid. Are there any cost senators lefler and purdue their elections and his party control the senate. It's not rocket science you can't tell people that the system is rigged while simultaneously asking them to participate in that rig system. And then came wednesday, by the way, the vulnerability of the capital was appalling, as I told Chris Cuomo that night this was not 911. Or sneak attack against partying hessians lost on christmas. The protesters were coming to town was well-known the internet chatter. Portended violence. And remember it happened on a day of supposed heightened alert because of reports that iran would seek retribution for the killing one year ago sunday of general soleimani. We're lucky it wasn't worse. If they carried automatic weapons instead of gadsden flags it could have been catastrophic. The night before some confronted utah senator mitt romney when he flew from salt lake city to washington. In flight for 20 seconds they chanted, Trader, Trader, Trader. And then on wednesday the president and his coterie they pregamed on the ellipse. Don jr said this about congressional republicans. Guess what folks if you're going to be busy row and not the hero we're coming for you and we're going to have a good time doing it. Rudy giuliani advocated trial by combat, and then the president said this to the crowd. Take back our country with weakness you have to show strength and you have to be strong. You have to be strong show strength think about that but what about walking. And maybe carrying a sign requires strength, no he had something more in mind. A little cya he did reference doing so peacefully but the die was cast the fuse was lit. This was causation, not correlation. And even after things that the capital got ugly and he released a video after being encouraged by president joe biden to appear on national tv and condemned the violence. He began by acknowledging the pain the hurt of the protesters. Told them that you love them. And made yet another claim about the election being stolen. 5 deaths have been tied to the subsequent events including that of a capitol hill police officer named brian sicknick. Close to 6 p.m. the commencement of a curfew with a crowd largely dispersed. The capital under control. Here was his mindset via twitter before his account and that on facebook were suspended quote. These are the things that events that happened when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously and viciously stripped away from great patriots who've been badly and unfairly treated for so long go home with love and in peace. Remember this day forever. You know for four years i have resisted the knee-jerk temptation here. To blame everything on trump, this time he deserves it, yes the president is, to blame, but there's something more, this was 30 years in the making. It was the culmination of the outside influence of a polarized media on a small but loyal base and its control over doctrinaire politicians. The very same alliance whipping some into a frenzy while pushing the myth of a stolen election. Seat for them it's been out driving revenue. True radio ears television eyes and computer mouse clicks. John mccain understood what i'm referring to. You remember when after being diagnosed with brain cancer he returned to the well of the senate and famously gave a thumbs down to the repeal of obamacare. That day was july 25th 2017 and he said this with regard to a polarized media. Our incapacity, is their livelihood, he was right of course. The mccain mantle was assumed by nebraska's ben sasse this week. First in a facebook sa he exposed his colleagues when he wrote this quote. When we talk in private. I haven't heard a single congressional republican alleged that the election results were fraudulent not one. Instead i hear them talk about their worries about how they look. The president trump's most ardent supporters. On wednesday night when the senate reconvene sas summed up what brought the nation to the brink he said. Don't let the screamers who monetize hate, have the final word. Well those to whom he referred are trying to have the final word by not outright condemning the violence. By suggesting double standards by speculating baselessly about participants hell on wednesday night. Tucker carlson concluded a meandering monologue by saying it's not your fault. It's their fault. Mitt romney who literally faced screamer's the night before rose in the senate. And he said this, We Gather, due to a selfish man's injured Pride. And the outrage of supporters who has deliberately misinformed for the past 2 months and stirred to action this very morning. Lindsey graham the president's friend and golf partner lamented the final days of trump. By saying this, drop it off, we had a hell of a journey, I hate it then this way, oh my God I hate it. My point of view has been a consequential president. But today, first thing you'll see, all I can say, is count me out enough is enough. On his way home senator graham then faced screamers of his own not long after he made that speech on the senate floor. Common sense suggests the american people will agree with senator graham. Enough is enough. Then again a yougov survey released yesterday found it while the majority of americans see wednesday's events as a threat to democracy. 45% of republicans actively support the actions of those at the capitol. Lindsey graham said he hated it to end this way, but it did, and that will be the epitaph, of the Trump Administration.